Music for Film

About the Event

Virtuoso pianist Margaret Leng Tan, who began her association with Cage in 1981, performs an eclectic and far ranging program of Cage’s music for piano, prepared piano, and toy piano to live projected videos.Compositions include Works of CalderMusic for Marcel Duchamp, Cage’s score painting Chess Pieces, and Music for Piano no. 2, which will be performed with Rob Dietz’s video projections of Cage’s artwork 10 Stones.

The Program
  • Cage: Etudes Australes (Book I no. VIII) (1974-75)
  • Cage: Suite for Toy Piano (1948)
  • Cage: Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)
  • Cage: Chess Pieces (1944)
  • Cage:  4’33” (1952)
  • Cage:  Water Music (1952)
  • Cage:  Works of Calder (1949-50)
  • Cage:  Extended Lullaby (1992/1994)
  • Cage:  Music for Piano #2 (1953)