How to Close Gap between Kindergarten and First Grade

In their one year of kindergarten school, your children would have picked up various skills. They need to master any of these skills before going to their first grade in order to ensure a smooth transition. In case your kids had problems in developing some of these skills, you can help them in bridging those gaps by reviewing those skills so that they do not face any problems later on.

Improving reading comprehension

You should make it a daily habit to read to your little one. Make it a point to ask them certain in between reading a story and after completing it. It will be great if you stop reading after some pages to give an opportunity to your kid to make remarks on the said story or clear their doubts if they have some doubts. Once you complete reading the entire story, you can ask them questions to check their basic comprehension skills like the names of the different characters, plot and the setting. When you kids go to the first grade, they will be asked to read complex books. So, it is crucial for them to practice the comprehension skills.

Improve phonics

While in kindergarten school in singapore or elsewhere, your kids picked up the names of the letters as well as their sounds. They also picked up the skill of blending all these sounds for making simple words. The words will be definitely longer when they go to the first grade and will also constitute of longer vowel blends and sounds. You need to guide your children to read those stories that have such words and listen carefully when they spell out those words. Whenever they come across a new sound, you should teach it to them. You can also point out the other words to them that have a similar sound and yet have a different spelling.

Mathematical skills

As your kids progress to the first grade, the teacher will have an expectation that they will be able to write up to 100 and count loudly. The teachers in the first grade will start reviewing your kid’s basic mathematical skills like number recognition, simple subtraction and addition and counting. All these skills should be ideally covered by your kid’s kindergarten teachers though your kid may not have mastered them all. You need to ensure that your little ones practice addition as well as subtraction in different ways. You can write problems on subtraction and addition on sheet and give some pennies or toothpicks