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Network Solos

Network for New Music

About the Event

​Taking advantage of the unique character of each instrument, members of Philadelphia’s venerable Network for New Music perform solos from Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958 - 59)​, offering a broad sampling instrumental timbres and compositional styles.  These works will be performed in tandem with the choreographed movements of the Merce Cunningham dancers on the exhibition’s Main Stage.

The Concert has no overall score, but all parts are written out in detail. A performance of the Concert may include all of the instruments, but also be performed as a solo, duet, trio or any combination of the given instruments, resulting in a change of title (e.g. solo for piano or Concert for piano, voice and 2 violins, in case it is combined with a Solo for Voice.)

The notation of all orchestral parts uses a system where space is relative to time. The amount of time is determined by the musician and later, during the performance, altered by the conductor who has his or her own part and acts like a living chronometer.  Notes are of 3 sizes. This may refer to duration or amplitude or both, the interpretation being determined by the performer. All of these solos involve as many playing techniques as possible. The composing means involved chance operations, as well as the observation of imperfections in the paper upon which the music was written.

The Program
  • ​Cage: Solo for Flute 
  • ​Cage: Solo for Clarinet 
  • ​Cage: Solo for Violin 
  • ​Cage: Solo for Double Bass
  • ​Cage: Concert for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Double Bass

Edward Schultz, flute/alto flute/piccolo; Arne Running, clarinet; Paul Arnold, violin; Anne Peterson, double bass

Sunday, November 4
1:00pm - 3:40pm

Venue Info

Dorrance Galleries
Philadelphia Museum of Art
26th Street Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130
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Ticket Info
Free with museum admission. This date is "Pay what you wish" admisison all day

Additional Info

​Performance start at 1pm and 3pm.  Space is limited. First come, first seated until venue capacity is reached. For more information about ticketing and museum hours please visit here.